These resources are provided with a focus on helping you be a more effective construction marketer, your company achieve greater market success, and ultimately, to enhance your career. Also check the CMA Events page for valuable Archive Presentations available for free download. 

Tools of the Trade: Modern Marketing for Construction Brands

The 214-page comprehensive guide covers all aspects of marketing building products, equipment and construction services to construction and related targets. The book is divided into 5 Units: Strategic Marketing, Tactical Marketing, Specialized Marketing, Practical Marketing, and Marketing Resources

All functional marketing types including traditional and digital media are described with practical tips. Specific information on A/E/C (architectural/engineering/construction) marketing, channel or dealer marketing, and retail hardware/home improvement marketing is provided, along with many, specific examples of marketing programs and campaigns in the construction industry. The book also serves as the study guide for the CMA’s Certified Construction Marketing Professional (CCMP) program. 

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Construction Lead Generation – The Definitive Guide

The new and improved  Construction Lead Generation-The Definitive Guide will share the results of our most recent national survey on construction lead generation. Importantly, the guide details the current state of the top two construction lead services: Dodge Data & Analytics, and ConstructConnect. Next, the guide identifies several other construction lead services that tend to specialize in regions, type of construction project or service offerings. Finally, other types of lead sources are identified and categorized by Traditional, Internet, and Social Media.

Construction RFQ/RFP Effectiveness and Best Practices

In 2018, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) undertook a national survey on construction service company RFQ/RFP (request for quote/request for proposal) practices.

The objective of this specialized study was to identify best practices and benchmarks for use by construction firms of all types and sizes, as this (RFQ/RFP) topic and study are rarely available in the public domain.

Marketing Agency Selection Guide

A complete how-to guide for construction marketers in need of identifying and selecting a new marketing, advertising, creative, promotion, public relations, or digital agency. No question, choosing an agency partner is a critical decision. This Marketing Agency Selection Guide will help improve the process by defining the reasons for hiring or firing an agency, along with details on eleven (11) types of agencies, and a 4-Step Agency Selection Process. Other relevant resources are provided.

Construction Equipment Marketing Guide

Construction equipment is capital equipment, defined as an asset with an acquisition cost of greater than $5,000, but also includes assets that can cost millions of dollars. Not surprisingly, the marketing of construction equipment requires specialized approaches and techniques.

This comprehensive guide details 4 aspects of construction equipment purchasing, along with 3 construction equipment marketing considerations, followed by a Construction Equipment Marketing Infographic with a 10-Step Marketing Checklist, marketing best practice details, and some relevant resources.

Marketing to Home Improvement Retailers

Home improvement retailers are a specialized marketing channel for many types of construction and remodeling products including building materials and supplies, lawn and garden, lighting and plumbing, construction tools and equipment, and more.

This whitepaper provides a snapshot or basic statistics on the retail home improvement industry, along with the results of a survey on home improvement retail marketing practices conducted by the Construction Marketing Association. In addition, three important aspects of home improvement marketing will be considered: merchandising, packaging and retail line reviews.

How to Measure Construction Marketing Results

In a recent survey sponsored by the Construction Marketing Association, 21% of construction marketers ranked Measuring Marketing Results as their top priority, beating all other priorities including Internet and Social Media. Clearly in a difficult market, marketing is under increased scrutiny to prove results and justify budgets.

Today marketers must consider three broad types of measures, with multiple individual tools, 1) traditional methods of measuring including research, 2) the use of internet-based measures, 3) along with new tools for social media monitoring.

Marketing Planning Best Practices

As both the importance and complexity of marketing increases, the need for effective marketing planning becomes a priority. Marketing budgets are being scrutinized more than ever before. Surely, the skill and quality of marketing planning can support both the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing. Likewise, understanding marketing planning best practices can aid marketers at all levels in realizing their potential.

This whitepaper will consider the different types of marketing plans, how to establish marketing budgets, and how much some top construction brands spend on marketing. In addition, a marketing planning checklist is provided, along with a link to the results of an industry survey regarding marketing plans.

Search Engine Optimization: Top Priority Marketing for Construction Marketers

As construction marketers implement next-generation websites with enhanced features, many construction brands have not yet leveraged advanced or sometimes even basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

Developing your website, or retrofitting an existing website with on-page, off-page, and local SEO techniques and methods is critical to achieving improved organic or natural search engine results, thereby increasing website traffic, and quite possibly sales and market share.

The Newest Rules of PR

The popularity and use of free publicity historically increases when the economy tanks. In the midst of this seemingly extended downturn, PR is certainly gaining priority in the construction marketing mix. At the same time, PR is changing significantly. So how can you refine your PR to realize greater results?

This guide will examine how PR has changed, and how your PR program can change to leverage new PR opportunities. Next, we’ll focus on the specifics of PR distribution options.

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