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Get the most out of your membership by particpating in a regional or local chapter, special interest group or committee. A number of leadership opportunities are available as CMA adds regional and local chapters, and a growing list of Groups and Committees.

Regional and local chapters will be formed based on achieving a minimum number of member participants. Likewise, Groups and Committees will be formed based on interest and participants. Chairpersons are required for each, and depending on size or activities, other volunteer participants. Please contact CMA with suggestions and/or leadership nominations.

Following is a preliminary list:

Regional/Local Chapters

• Chicago
• Michigan
• New York/New Jersey
• Wisconsin/Milwaukee
• Ohio/Cleveland
• Indiana/Indianapolis
• Boston
• Atlanta
• Los Angeles
• Arizona/Phoenix
• Dallas
• Minnesota/Minneapolis
• Denver
• Iowa
• Carolinas

Groups and Committees

• Construction Technology
• Architectural/Engineering (AEC Marketing)
• Retail Marketing
• Social Media
• Contractor Marketing
• Construction Equipment
• Environmental/Green
• Market Research
• Product Management/Product Development
• Chief Marketing Officers/CMO Council
• Business Development/National Accounts
• Residential/Home Building
• Remodeling Services
• Plumbing Products Marketing
• Building Materials Marketing


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