CCMP Registration

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) introduced the Certified Construction Marketing Professional (CCMP) program in 2011. Today there are hundreds of CCMP designates, an elite class of marketers to be sure. 

The CCMP is a certificate and a very specialized and valuable credential that recognizes marketing experience and skills within three (3) segments of the construction industry:  construction services (Architectural/Engineering/Construction), brands used in construction (e,g, building products, equipment), and retail home improvement marketing. Individuals select the Study Track from these segments, receive a comprehensive study guide/handbook, and then take a rigorous examination. The program benefits both the manager and the sponsoring company by providing advanced training, exposure to best practices, and recognition. Upon successfully completing the program, a frame-quality certificate will be issued, and the professional will be qualified to use the CCMP credential and designation following their name.

Fees for lifetime certification are $499 ($399 on Sale thru 12/31/22), or $99 for students with a valid .edu email address and less than 2 years experience. To register, use the form below.

    Discount available to current students with a valid .edu email address.