Remodeling Growth Forum

remodeling growth forum

The Construction Marketing Association is pleased to announce an exclusive learning opportunity for CMA members and email subscribers.

Our newest sponsor, Renoworks – providers of market leading visualization solutions for the building products industry, are hosting the Remodeling Growth Forum.

Professionals in the building products industry can access educational webinars and high value content developed by industry experts to improve your business and increase your industry savvy by learning:

  • How contractors are using technology to grow their business by 200%+
  • Shifting consumer expectations when shopping for remodeling services providers
  • Marketing & technology trends in the building products industry

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Participants can win a trip to Orlando to attend the International Builder’s Show in January among other prizes and custom offers from co-sponsors.

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The CMA is pleased to be a co-sponsor and encourage all of members to participate in the Remodeling Growth Forum. Four webinars being hosted between December 14th and December 20th.

Topic: Identity as a Growth Engine for Remodelers

Preview: From SEO to reputation management, your brand is the key to your success. Learn where to invest your time & effort to build an identity that creates growth.

Speaker: Rich Harshaw – CEO, Monopolize Your Marketplace

Expertise: Contractor Marketing Specialist

Date: Dec. 14, 11:00 MST


Topic: The 6 Keys to More Leads, More Sales & More Thrilled Customers

Preview: Enter 2017 with fresh ideas on how remodelers can generate leads in a cost-effective manner, convert more leads, and properly align their marketing & sales efforts with TODAY’s consumer.

Speaker: Tim Musch – Director of Business Development, MarketSharp Software

Expertise: Marketing Automation Guru

Date: Dec. 13, 11:00 MST


Topic: Improving the Metrics That Matter with Visualization

Preview: Learn from the best in the biz how contractors can use visualization to effectively increase sales, profit, upselling and customer satisfaction.

Speaker: Paul Trautman – Owner, Timberland Exteriors

Expertise: Visualization Pro

Date: Dec. 15, 11:00 MST



Topic: How Contractors Can Double the Size of Every Job with Visualization & Remote Selling

Preview: How you can use remote selling tools, combined with visualization to significantly increase the value of the jobs you book & cater to your ideal customer.

Speaker: Mike Damora, GM K & B Home Remodelers

Expertise: Sales Veteran & Expert

Date: Dec. 20, 11:00 MST



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About Renoworks

Renoworks Software Inc. develops and sells unique digital visualization software for the remodeling and new home construction industry.

Delivered online and through mobile apps, Renoworks provides technology to manufacturers, contractors, remodelers builders and retailers offering the solution to one of the home remodeling industry’s greatest challenges: enabling customers to see how their product choices will look in a realistic, virtual environment – even in their own home – before they make a purchase decision.

Renoworks  visualization solutions for manufacturers and large enterprises are a cost-effective lead generation tool for their web site and offers the most compelling way to showcase the building products they sell.

Renoworks Pro, is the market leading visualization tool for contractors. Using this visualization software, contractors can show homeowners what their home will look like before a remodeling project starts during their sales process. This gives them a competitive advantage and helps them close more jobs, at higher prices.


Here is what Remodeling Growth Forum speaker, and Renoworks Pro customer, Mike Damora has to say about the software and how it’s impacted his remodeling company:

“Renoworks is not just a sales tool, it is the mother of all sales tools. The national average for a window job is $8800. With Renoworks Pro, my average is $20,000. The national average for a siding job is $12,000 to $14,000. With Renoworks Pro, my average is $30,000. It’s a marketing tool. It’s an upsell tool. I get more jobs. I use it every single day. I bring my laptop into people’s homes. I sell a lot more stone now, because I show stone on every single job whether they ask for it or not. It really engages the prospect. It’s the “wow” factor. The first meeting, I just get to know them a little and take photos. The second meeting, I present photos and show options. They are blown away.”

Read what other contractors are saying about Renoworks Pro.

Here is what Remodeling Growth Forum speaker, and Renoworks Pro customer, Paul Trautman has to say about the software and how it’s impacted his remodeling company:

I have increased my sales by 30% by using Renoworks Pro. The ability of homeowners to see what the house will look like before it is done, to dream and build with them makes it a powerful sales tool to make the sale.

To hear Mike and Paul talk about their experiences, register now for the webinars being held through the Remodeling Growth Forum.



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