Advertising in Construction- Survey Results

To further understand the use of advertising in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. Do you employ advertising in your marketing program?

2. If yes, what types of advertising do you employ?

3. What is your most effective Advertising activity?

4. What is your least effective Advertising activity?

5. What benefits do you achieve with Advertising?

6. What is your approximate level of advertising spending?

7. How do you classify your company?


96.6% of construction professionals surveyed employed advertising, while only 3.4% do not.

Construction Advertising Graph


The majority of respondents (55.3%) indicated that they spend less than $25,000 annually on advertising with only 3.4% indicating they spend between $250,000- $500,000.

Construction Advertising Spending Graph


Respondents indicated that the top three advertising activities employed were social media (72.4%), trade print (65.5%), and event marketing (48.3%). TV and “other” were the least used tactics, both with 4%.

Construction Advertising Graph


Trade print is considered the most effective advertising tactic by construction professionals surveyed with 31% followed by event marketing and “other” each with 13.8%. Paid search, billboards, and logos on equipment were rated last each with 4%.

Construction Advertising Graph


24.1% of respondents indicated that the least effective advertising tactic used is phone/directory.

Construction Advertising Graph


Respondents reported the top benefit achieved from advertising as to build awareness (59%). Referrals accounted for only 7% of achieved benefits.

Construction Advertising Graph


Respondents came from a variety of companies within the construction industry including construction services (27.6%), commercial construction (27.6%), media/marketing (13.8%), building products manufacturing (10.4%), architectural engineering (6.9%), homebuilder/remodeler (6.9%), equipment/tools manufacturing (3.4%), distributor/supplier (3.4%),

Construction Advertising Graphn


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