Maximizing Marketing and Sales Teamwork Webcast

Construction Marketing and Sales WebcastThe Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces a national webcast—Marketing and Sales Teamwork Maximized—with a focus on the construction-related industries. The webcast will be Thursday May 18, 2017 at 12 pm CST.

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Three Reasons to Use Branded Construction Workwear

Branded Construction Workwear

There’s a certain image that people have when they think “construction worker.” Hard hat, steel-toed boots, tools of the trade (not to be confused with our book of the same name), and protective gear—all part of the construction worker’s brand image as a construction worker.

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How to Get a Construction Marketing Job Post-Graduation

job seeking tipsWhether you’re nearing the end of your college career or just thinking ahead, it’s important to decide what exactly you want to do post-grad, and how to go about obtaining your chosen job. Luckily for those interested in construction marketing, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) offers a number of resources. We have the CMA career center to help you connect with employers and find jobs. We also have the CCMP (Certified Construction Marketing Professional) certification to help construction marketers’ resumes stand out. We want to help you find a job that you love. To show you how much we want you to succeed, below are 8 tips for college job seekers, based in part from US News’ article on landing a job before graduation.

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Become a Member of the Construction Marketing Association

If you’re interested in construction marketing, you’ll find no resource like the Construction Marketing Association. Our specialization in marketing for the A/E/C industry is seldom found elsewhere. Our informative blogs about all kinds of issues in the construction industry and relevant marketing advice are all free, but there are some important resources you can’t unlock unless you’re a member.

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How to Successfully Use Email Marketing to Drive Conversion

Don’t be so quick to blame email marketing for your woes. It may not be email itself, but rather, how you send email. Email open-rates may be underwhelming, but email has a ROI of 3800%, higher than any other digital form of marketing. So clearly, email can be very successful. What’s important is what you do with it.

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Navigating (M)sds Management and Deployment in The Digital Age is offering a free online Msds binder and access to their (m)sds database of over 150,000 records. Registered users can add any of the safety data sheets to the online binder and even upload any additional records that cannot be found in the database. Over 80,000 of the records in the database are the new 16 section safety data sheets (sds) that OSHA requires all of us to transition to.

There is nothing new about the fact that keeping complaint with OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard is a cumbersome task. And how many times have you walked into the job trailer to find a page of your MSDS book with phone numbers scribbled all over it, or found it on the floor of the van, stepped on, kicked around, with pages falling out of it? The guys in the field have no idea how much time it takes to compile one of those books. I once had a Super tell me he found his in the porta potty! One thing that everyone can agree with… keeping your MSDS book clean, up to date, and in its proper place is costly and time intensive, and many of us just cannot keep up with it.

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingOur 2017 Construction Marketing Outlook survey had some interesting findings. Of the internet marketing tasks construction professionals wanted to increase and decrease, 46% said they wanted to increase mobile marketing, the second lowest priority task. Further, 7.7% actually said they planned to decrease the task, the second highest decrease in any internet marketing task. Despite mobile marketing and mobile websites growing in importance, it seems that construction professionals seem to be less concerned with this task. With the growing use of smartphones, and the abandonment of desktops, it’s important to remember to utilize mobile.

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Upcoming ‘Blogging Best Practices’ Webcast

On Thursday March 16, 2017 at 1 PM CST, the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) will offer a free webcast – Blogging Best Practices – with a focus on the A/E/C industry (architectural, engineering, and construction).

“Content marketing is the hottest topic in marketing, and blogging can be the engine behind content marketing,” states CMA Chairman Neil M. Brown. “The webcast will demonstrate how content and blogging builds search authority and thought leadership, drives sales leads, and social media engagement.”

CMA Chairman Neil Brown will act as moderator and will discuss blog design optimization, blog content planning, a blogging best practices checklist, and results measurement. Brown will be joined by panelists Kevin Enke, Bosch Power Tools Marketing Director, and Gabe Santi, Granger Construction Marketing Director, who will each share their own examples of blogging.

To register for this free webcast, click here.

2017 Construction Marketing Outlook Survey Results

construction trends 2017To better understand 2017′s plans and priorities in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. In 2017, will you increase or decrease overall marketing activities and budgets?
2. What traditional marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2017?
3. What Internet marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2017?
4. What lead generation marketing tactics will you increase or decrease in 2017?
5. What construction industry trend do you anticipate will impact your business most in 2017?
6. How do you classify your company?
7. What is the approximate size of your company?

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What Will Construction Look Like In The Future?

The construction industry is undergoing a period of radical change. For both mature and growing economies, the construction industry provides important links with other sectors to boost economic growth. In the future, the industry is expected to help solve current climate challenges, shape a city’s outlook, and address energy-related issues. Another challenge that technology is set to change is the issue of safety. I often talk about how dangerous construction work can be on my website and it looks like future trends might lessen some of these dangers. To answer the question of what construction is going to look like in the future, it is important to look at the various technologies that already exist in the industry.

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