CMA STAR Awards – 2015 Winners Announced

Winners of the 2015 CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards have been announced!

The STAR awards recognize excellence in 16 marketing categories and 78 sub-categories. SUPERSTAR and STAR (first place/second place respectively) are awarded for each category or sub-category. CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR recognizes top brands, companies or individuals by region. Finally, BEST IN SHOW is bestowed on the winner of the most awards.

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Join CMA at the Largest Commercial Construction Event of 2016!

World of Concrete 2016February in Vegas. An astounding list of speakers, presenters, and sponsors, as well as tens of thousands of attendees ready to kick off the construction year at the largest commercial construction event of the year: World of Concrete 2016. Construction Marketing Association, committed to the bettering of your construction business, is excited to partake in this exciting event, announcing a that we will be attending and exhibiting at World of Concrete 2016, February 2-5, 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.

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8 Best Practices to Decrease Your Accident Rate and Increase Your Approval Rate

In most workplaces, accidents are a nuisance for worker and a headache for HR. However, at construction sites, accidents are potentially industry-ruining. With every new story about environmental disasters, earth-shattering explosions, andtrapped laborers, construction sites become less and less appealing — even as the population grows and demands for new, updated structures increases.

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2015 CMA STAR Awards – Final Extended Entry Deadline

We are so pleased to announce that participation in the CMA STAR Awards has doubled for another successful year! As a result, we have extended the award entry deadline to Friday, October 16th to accommodate increased interest in our awards program. So, for those of you who still have outstanding examples of construction marketing that you want to submit – you still have time to do it!

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Is it Better to Lease or Buy Your Construction Equipment?

In the world of construction, a man is only as good as his tools and the various types of construction equipment are the most important tools on the jobsite. Diggers, bulldozers, scissor lifts, and even attachments like digger buckets, grabs and grapples – all of these allow a single construction worker to do the work of ten men in a tenth of the time.

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2015 CMA STAR Awards Final Deadline

We are so pleased to announce our 5th year of the Construction Marketing STAR™ awards and the Construction Marketer of the Year™ Awards. For companies, brands or individuals who demonstrate marketing excellence in the construction industry, we want to recognize and honor those entries soon. The final deadline to submit the entries is October 2, 2015.

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Three Benefits of Upgrading Your Construction Equipment

Construction EquipmentThe construction industry remained buoyant despite predictions of a slow yet stable recovery after the general election. Investing in the equipment that makes your business functional, is possibly one of the smartest investments you can make as these valuable assets can reduce downtime, limit the number of accidents in the workplace and improve company efficiency.

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Expert Interview with CMA’s Chairman & CEO

In a recent interview with 24/7 Massachusetts Contractors Academy, CMA’s Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer, Neil M. Brown, gives expert advice on creating a marketing association for the construction industry.

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The Startup Construction Business Checklist: 3 Important Documents You Need to Have


More people than ever before are starting their own business. 2015 saw a record number of small businesses operating in the UK – 5.2 million in total. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of owning your own business, but it’s not easy when you’re just getting started. A lot of new business owners struggle in the beginning, as there’s so much paperwork and research required. This article outlines three important documents that you’ll need in order to start and run a profitable business.

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Construction Lead Services Best Practices Survey Results

Survey ResultsTo further understand the use of lead services in the construction industry, the Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey of construction professionals. The following questions were asked:

1. Do you utilize construction lead services?
2. If yes, which construction lead service(s) do you utilize?
3. If yes, approximately how much do you spend annually on construction lead services?
4. What is the MOST IMPORTANT feature of the construction lead service you utilize? Or, what is your primary use of lead services?
5. Besides construction lead services, what other types of marketing do you utilize to generate leads?
6. How large is your company?
7. What type of company are you?

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